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We’re a team of disciplined and energetic plant lovers formally educated in horticulture and helping develop optimum cultivation practices for cannabis growers. We consult for licensed cultivators to help them achieve optimal production levels for high quality cannabis on a consistent basis.

We pride ourselves in providing the most professional cannabis horticulture solutions available. We have diverse greenhouse and warehouse success, and a track record of innovating by applying critical thinking, knowledge, and design principles with commercial technology and improve processes with creativity.



Meet the Expert: Shane Hutto

With more than a decade of experience, Shane Hutto helps growers design, control and successfully run large-scale cannabis operations.

Shane Hutto, owner of Horticultural Solutions

Shane Hutto, owner of Horticultural Solutions

If there ever was an expert in marijuana growing, it’s Shane Hutto. But his expertise ranges far beyond cannabis. After earning his bachelor’s degree in horticulture, Hutto worked as a grower for North Carolina-based Metrolina Greenhouses, the largest single-site greenhouse in the country.

After a few years at Metrolina, he made the decision to attend graduate school at Oklahoma State University. During his time there, Hutto ran the hazardous reactions lab for three years, doing extractions on a wide range of crops.

Upon graduation, he became a technical advisor for Grodan, a supplier of sustainable stone wool substrate solutions for professional growers. While there, he advised numerous growers on various crops in all types of environments and contributed to the company’s irrigation and cultivation strategies. He also ran trials for licensed operations.

After leaving Grodan, Hutto started his own consulting firm, Horticultural Solutions, which now services grower clients in 10 states and Canada. He also consults for Delta T Solutions to create customized heating, cooling and humidity control for greenhouse operations. We caught up with him to get some insight into his passion and goals for the future.

Q: What drew you to horticulture?

Hutto: I was drawn to horticulture by my desire to help people. I always grew up having a desire to be of service to others and, during college, I realized that horticulture came to me naturally. As I examined the possibilities available in the horticulture world, I was absolutely drawn to plants with medicinal value. This allowed me to continue improving the quality of life for patients in need. When I enrolled in Horticulture at Oklahoma State University, I told them I wanted to grow medicinal plants for the U.S. government. At the time they laughed. Now my goals have changed, but the idea doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Hutto: What I enjoy most about my life’s work is my ability to communicate with the plants. I look at a plant in a production setting and feel emotions — it sounds a little weird saying it, but that is part of why it comes naturally — that’s the part you can’t teach. Working with plants and pushing them to their potential excites me and makes me who I am, but the root of all my desires is to help people, especially the ones I love.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

Hutto: I have many dreams and aspirations for the future, but the most prominent is to simply be successful and make a career doing what I love. At this point I am becoming somewhat of a serial entrepreneur, and I certainly hope the future brings success to all my business partners, as there are many people who have invested with me, and I want to exceed all their expectations. I love it when those around me are happy.